Event production

With more than 70 years experience in the video games industry, our team can offer tailor made events on all formats (PC, consoles, mobile, VR,…) and for all kind of public (pro players, amateur players, casual gamers , employees, press)

You are a game developer / publisher and want to promote your game ?

► We can offer complete on-line and off-line solution for Game and E-Sport product / event presentation to press and B2B partners

Your company / brand is interested in using Esport tournaments in your marketing strategy ?

► From single day events to one year competition, from local event to nationwide online competitions, including multiple cities tour, covering Belgium & Luxemburg, we can create a tailor made project based on your target and budget. 

You are a RH manager and interested in gaming & Esport for team building or recruitment ?

► Gaming and Esport can be used for HR activities for employees, recruitment or customer relationships. We have the knowledge to build with our clients the next gen RH program. 

Content Creation

From paper to

Our team is also specialized in content creation. Whether in visual, communication, setting up, …We have all the solutions to have a real impact on the target audience.

Community Management

Social Media are also important in mixed media marketing strategy, not only for punctual campaigns but in developing all year long communities around your product and company. Each social media platform has its particularity and audience, the right use of these will multiply the impact of a campaign and marketing strategy in the gaming sector.

►Mix social media for a cocktail that looks and taste nice for your brand; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …


Community building and feeding all year long with your news

Press Communication

Your product on every

Getting your game, apps or product featured in blogs or websites is a huge challenge. But it’s something that you need to do if you want to get the right visibility that your product deserves. Our team can help you to create the best communication with our contact.

Content Creators

Also called influencers, their audience increased their weight in a marketing strategy in the last years.  Gaming content creators are pioneers in reaching an audience of millennials but are mostly used to promote games. With the right management and creativity of our agency, we can help streamers and pro players to monetize their audience and make successful partnerships with non-endemic brands.

You are an E-Sport pro player or a successful streamer and you want to monetize your audience, receiving support and advice to develop your community, participate in marketing campaigns of selected endemic and non-endemic partners and earn extra revenues ?

► Contact us for a one-to-one meeting (+ link contact form)

You are a representative of a company who wants to reach millennials for your brand through gaming media and activities ?

► We offer the largest portfolio of website, streamers and Esport players  in french speaking Belgium and Luxemburg.